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Police/FBI Set Up

How the scam works:

You receive a phone call from somebody proposing a deal looking for help with depositing a check into your account; sending the caller back less money and keeping a fee for yourself. It sounds fishy, their English is not that great, and because you are smart you are not falling for it.

You hang up and a few minutes later the phone rings again. This time it is the Police. They inform you that the previous caller is a sought-after criminal and they have been tapping his phone.

They will ask for your cooperation in actually doing the deal with the scammer, so they can set him up and catch him in his fraudulent act, while your money will be safe. This is where the scam happens. The second caller is not the Police or FBI-- just another criminal who speaks perfect English and uses official legal language.

How to avoid:

If they want to set somebody up, the Police and FBI will ask for your help by visiting you.

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