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MI5 Security Scam (UK)

How the scam works:

MI5 is a home security agency located in the UK. They have publicly warned customers – both current and potential – to be aware that scammers are calling people, posing as the agency, in an attempt to collect money from them. They have even been as bold as to pose as the Director General of MI5, Sir Jonathan Evans.

These types of telephone scams – though this scam has also been conducted via email – all have one thing in common. The scammers will have quite a bit of knowledge about the company which they are claiming to be. This lures the victims into a false sense of security that they are indeed dealing with the legitimate company.

How to avoid:

Authorities in the UK are requesting that anyone receiving these calls report them to their local police. And as always, never conduct financial business over the telephone. No legitimate business will call you and request such a thing. Also, if you are unsure whether you are dealing with the company or a scammer, hang up and call the company which claims to be calling you. You will find out immediately if they are conducting any telephone solicitation.

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