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Writer’s Agent Fees

How the scam works:

There are scams that most agents pull on new clients, regardless of the industry in which they operate. In the writing business, one of the things agents do is to charge ridiculous amount of money just to read your stuff.

The “reading fees” go as high as $600 and you might understand why the agent is doing that, since he has to read a lot of projects.

Reputable agents, however, let you know in advance that they will rebate your fee if they won’t represent you, while shady ones might even ask you for an additionally monthly “representation fee”, which might go as high as $100.

How to avoid:

If you are a new writer, you have two choices: 1. Find an agent who does not charge for reading submissions – there are many out there. 2. Join a writer’s support organization where members exchange their experiences.

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