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World Cup/Olympics Hotel

How the scam works:

There is a scam that goes around on social networking sites every time there is a major tournament, such as the soccer World Cup, Stanley Cup, Super Bowl, NBA finals, the Olympic Games, etc.

First there is a simple contest, such as, “who won the last World Cup?” or “In which city are these Olympic Games to be held?” always with a choice of four possibilities just to jog the memory. The scammers send the “winner” (aka everybody) a pair of fake tickets, very well crafted, congratulating them on their victory.

Where is the scam? In order to take advantage of the tickets, the recipient has to stay at the hotel provided by the company that organized the contest. What happens is: the scammers create a fake website of a hotel using fake pictures from the Internet, and generates a form of payment online for money to be wired. Hotels' reputation is also at risk, as victims don't realize what happened to their money until it is too late.

How to avoid:

Always research the authenticity of the tickets and the company who gives them away. Also double-check the hotel: if you can’t get through to them on the phone, you’ll know it’s a scam.

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