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Twitter Private Messages: What Scammers Want

Twitter has 330 million active users every month, opportunity for scammers to also come in the game and take advantage of a plethora of naive people. In a similar way they operate on Instagram or Facebook, criminals approach victims who accepted their friendship and pretend to offer some sort of help.

This most recent scam takes advantage of one of our greatest vulnerabilities: the fear of being publicly humiliated.

This scam involves receiving a private message to your Twitter account. The body of the message will usually contain one of the following messages:

Did you see your pics with her?

Is it you in this picture?

Suspiciuos activity on your account

ROLF they were taping you

How did you not see them taping u

What are you doing in this fb vid?

What on earth are you doing in this movie?

twitter private message


Once the victim clicks on the link, which appears to go to a legitimate Facebook page, they are greeted with a video player and a message indicating an update to YouTube needs to be done before the video can be viewed.

Once the download begins, the victim won't be receiving an updated version of Flash; they will be getting a virus instead.


Twitter Private Messages: How To Avoid

The first and most logical step is to block the sender from your Twitter account and then send Twitter a report about receiving malware or other spam.

If your account is being used to send these messages to others, your account has been hacked and you need to take immediate measures to reset your password and revoke connections to third-party applications.

Twitter also has some great information to avoid phishing scams as well as tips to help prevent your account from falling prey to a hacker on their Safe Tweeting page. Twitter is a fun way to stay connected; just be aware of suspicious messages and you can tweet happily and safely.


Unsolicited Private Messages Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media. You can also officially report the questionable profiles to Twitter using the link below:

Report To Twitter Here


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