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Steroids Samples Shipment

How the scam works:

The Steroids Scam comes in many different variations, but here are the two most popular ones:

Scenario 1. The scammers advertise their products as a “free trial” and require that you pay only for the shipment. What will happen is you will pay the amount and you’ll get nothing - or if you do, you'll get counterfeit product.

Scenario 2. The scammers advertise a “great deal”, such as 25% off, but in reality they repackage cheap supplements in the original capsules or boxes of the expensive ones. This way, you believe you paid $50 for a product that’s worth $80 – when, in fact, the real value is probably $6.25. What a deal!

How to avoid:

Steroids have become a huge business and the scammers are aware of this. Don’t buy any steroids, supplements or medicines online unless recommended by a friend who already tried it themselves. Always look for reputable companies or websites that offer these products. 

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