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Sex Island Experience: Real Thing or a Brilliant Hoax? [WITH VIDEO]

Is the Sex Island Experience Real or a Hoax?

A 4day/3night sex and drug-full experience on a Colombian island is being advertised online these days. It broke the Internet as it created an insane amount of controversy about the legality of it. The promotional clip advertises "all-inclusive" services for 30 clients, who would be greeted and spoiled by 60 hot girls on a luxury yacht just off Cartagena.

"Incredible sex surprises, all meals included, free alcohol, luxurious bedrooms for each client, yacht parties and of course two sexy DJ" is how the organizers - Good Girls Company - advertise the escape. Even YouTube removed the clip from its platform due to its adult content.

UPDATE: Sex Island Experience changed location, Columbia is out! Read an exclusive tell-all interview with the Sex Island Experience reps HERE, featuring shocking reveals.

Watch the video below to see the controversial Sex Island Experience video:

The price for the lustful trip is $5,000USD, but what really raised eyebrows is the veracity of the event, scheduled to take place soon.

First, the promised sex (headlines such as "2 women per man") brought up the controversy of prostitution. It's interesting because prostitution is not illegal in Colombia, but pimping is a crime, which is why the company organizing the trip is accused of.

Cocaine and marijuana are also decriminalized.


The organizers even go into details on their website by saying that all the girls are STD-free and condoms must be used at all times. However, many critics consider the event a "disturbing and disgusting action".

"There must be some heavy human trafficking behind it. It seems like a crime, not like a sex paradise. It should be investigated", says Viktoria Gubko in an online comment.

"There are another famous and legitimate Cartagena trips here, like the SPARK Experience, which people should do. Not this. We don't need it, it brings bad publicity to my country", says Jessica G.

Here is the SPARK Experience Tour she is talking about:


Reasons To Doubt The Final Experiment

On the other hand, thousands of commenters around the web consider this a hoax. Why? Here are a few reasons:

"The video is of high production value but was probably done for the views and the viral aspect of it. There is no secret that the Internet can bring you tens of thousand of dollars just from the traffic you get to your product. You don't even have to organize a holiday trip for $150,000 (30 clients x $5,000) to get that money, if you have a genius produced clip that sparks billions of views. I wouldn't be surprised if the trip will get suddenly cancelled for various reasons soon", says Andrey0395 in a comment.

Although the promotional clip was removed by YouTube and Vimeo admins, the views on Good Girls Company's video already broke over 100 million views cumulatively, on websites such as Daily Mirror, The Independent, Daily Mail or Toronto Sun.

It was also shared over 150,000 times organically.

trip of a lifetime spark experience


Action In Panama, Not Colombia

Another reason to question the veracity of the video's contents and claims is a detail that many people probably missed it while watching the clip.

The boat used in the video is located in Panama not Colombia, making critics doubt that the event will cater what it really claims. 

Last, but not least, the legal aspect comes into the question again.


"It's impossible to by-pass the law on the pimping. You are hiring those girls to have sex with the clients, meaning you are pimping, Meaning it's illegal here in Colombia. They won't be able to do it", writes Maria Luisa.

Which, of course, the company wouldn't care if this is a hoax or even a failed real experiment legal-wise. They got their exposure already. Brilliant marketing, whether real, failed or fake. We asked the Good Girls Comapny for an interview, see below.

They claim that they have already sold 25 tickets.

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UPDATE: Exclusive Interview With the Sex Island Experience Organizers

After this article was published, we were contacted by the Sex Island Experience organizers. We just finished an exclusive interview with them, which will blow your mind, as many things have changed! Read the interview here.

Sex Island Experience Interview Here


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