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See Who is Stalking You

See Who is Stalking You Scam: How It Works

Either on Facebook or Tumblr you receive a message on your profile, as a recommendation coming from one of your friends. Your buddy suggests clicking on a link to see who is virtually stalking you.

The text might be similar to this: "W000w!! I Cann0t blv that you can now findout wh0 is been Searching at your profile for real! You can easily find0ut who is spying on you at--> (compromised link).

If you do click on the link, you're taken to a page that requests your permission to access private information. When you do so, the message immediately reposts itself on all your friends' walls and you're prompted to fill out a phony questionnaire. You won't see your Facebook or Tumblr "stalkers" whatsoever.

This is caused by an app that you just used by clicking on that link. The whole thing is a scam to trick more people to installing the spamming app and clicking through to survey pages.


See Who is Stalking You Scam: How To Avoid

Facebook nor Tumblr have a feature that shows who visited your profile – at least not yet. Don't open any links promising you that. As social media is an important part of our lifestyle, it's indicated to learn how to use it properly and recognize any sign of fraudulent activities.  

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