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Received an Email From Your Own Address? Beware of the Extortion Scam


Email Extortion: Here is What You Should Do

Scam Detector has been receiving several messages in the last few days about a frightening situation coming via email. There is an extortion message going around threatening recipients with the release of personal, intimate information about themselves recorded on their computers. Have you received an email sent from your own email address? One in which the hacker says he's been watching your online activities and asking you for a Bitcoin payment to avoid the blackmail? Let's take a look at how the scam works.

Watch the video below to see the Email Extortion Scam exposed:


The scammer claims that has been recording all your activity online, including passwords of your bank accounts and visits on porn sites. The criminal then threatens to release the videos of you watching these pages and doing "related-activities" to all your family members and workmates, which he also detains through hacking your computer.


extortion email


Victims get seriously scared as this can ruin lives and careers, especially when they see that the message comes from their own email address! Did you get an email like this?

Here is the full content of the extortion email (grammar mistakes included), then we'll explain how it was possible:

"Your account was hacked! Change the password right away! You probably do not heard about me and you are probably wanting to know for what reason you are receiving this message, is it right? I'm a hacker who cracked your email boxand digital devicesa few months ago.

You should not try to contact me or alternatively try to find me, it is hopeless, since I sent you a letter from YOUR hacked account."

Then the criminal continues explaining how he supposedly did this:

"I've set up virus on the adult videos (porno) site and suppose you have visited this website to have some fun (you understand what I really mean). During you have been watching vids, your browser began functioning as a RDP (Remote Control) having a keylogger that provided me ability to access your monitor and network camera.

Next step, my software gathered all information. You wrote passcodes on the sites you visited, and I caught all of them. Surely, it's possible to modify them, or have already modified them. Even so it doesn't matter, my spyware renews it every time.

What I have done? I compiled a backup of your device. Of all the files and contact lists. I have managed to create dual-screen videofile. The 1st part shows the video you were watching (you have an interesting preferences, ahah...), and the second part demonstrates the movie from your own camera."

Scary enough? He will then provide the call-to-action:

"What must you do? So, in my view, 1000 USD is basically a good price for this very little riddle. You will make the payment by bitcoins (in case you don't know this, try to find "how to purchase bitcoin" in Google).

My bitcoin wallet address: 1AFW5FexjJNz39xugnw2NRNgMqCHDJSnqx (It is cAsE sensitive, so just copy and paste it). Attention: You will have 2 days to make the payment. (I built in an exclusive pixel in this email, and at this time I know that you've read this email).

To monitor the reading of a letterand the actions in it, I utilize a Facebook pixel. Thanks to them. (Anything that is applied for the authorities may also help us.) In the event I fail to get bitcoins, I shall undoubtedly offer your video files to each of your contacts, including family members, colleagues, etcetera?"

How to Avoid the Blackmailing Email Scam

Well, you can rest now. In this day and age, when technology advances very fast, there is a software that can replace the email address you use to send messages with any address you want to show. It does NOT hack that email address, it just allows the sender to choose what the recipient can see, meaning where it's coming from. Esentially, if you send an email to your friend and want him/her to see that the message is coming from [email protected], well, you can do that. Criminals just used the same trick, using your own address.

Ignore the email and go ahead with your day. Nothing will happen to you. Do not respond and definitely do not send them this article.

Here is another screenshot of a scammy email:

receiving emails from my own email address


Email Extortion: How To Report a Scammer

Warn your family and friends about the Email Extortion Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More

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