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Post Office Storage Fee Scam

Post Office Fee Scam: How It Works

You receive an email claiming to be from your national Post office (US Postal Service, Canada Post, Australia Post, Royal Mail, etc.) informing you that you need to pick up a package with your name on it.

You are also told that if you do not collect the parcel in time, you will pay a storage fee. A phone number or a link is provided for you to confirm a pick up or schedule a delivery.

They claim they want to make sure they have contacted the right person. For that, they require you to provide pieces of identification, such as a passport number, address, Social Security Number, and all the personal data that they can get from you - including a credit card number as there is a small charge for the delivery of the parcel.


Post Office Fee Scam: How To Avoid

If you are in doubt, call the Post office yourself, but not on the number you are provided in the e-mail. Look online for the real number or - even better - pay a visit to a store near you.

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