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How the scam works:

You really want to get a date but your confidence is down after losing hair, gaining weight and not feeling like your charisma is what it could or should be. Desperate for a confidence boost, you sort through your spam and order a few patches, liquids and pills. You try them all out to find the only weight you've lost is in your wallet.

The rest of you is still the same, minus a few hundred dollars you could've used for a toupee. There is no “revolutionary patch” on the Internet that will reduce your fat by tomorrow; there is no “miracle pill” that will enlarge your breasts or penis and there is no liquid that will grow your hair back. All the pills you will get from your online order (if you'll get any) are just counterfeit or diluted. You want a confidence boost? Diet. Go for a run.

Yes, there are some real manufacturers that are trying to promote their products via e-mail, but the ones looking like the one in the image above will lead you to counterfeit pills, with questionable effect. That's if you will ever get a product in your mail, in the first place; most of the complaints are condemning the fact that the scammers just take the money and run. 

How to avoid:

Stop believing the fake testimonials in the ads sent to your inbox. The only pills that work are the ones recommended by doctors and physicians. Always look for reputable companies or websites that offer these products. 


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