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Pepsi Grant Compensation

How the scam works:

Pepsi-Cola is the second largest seller of soft drinks worldwide. They often run prize giveaways and promotions which are widely advertised, as another form of advertisement for their successful brand.

However, a recent round of emails claiming to be from Pepsi and stating that the recipient has won a large sum of money are not coming from the bottler, but from scammers.

In the Pepsi Grant Compensation scam the message claims that you are a winner of $890,000 in the 2013 grant compensation prize drawing. In order to claim your prize you must pay the tender’s insurance fee of $141. Of course there is no prize and you are now out $141 with little to no chance of recovering your lost funds.

This is how the content of the e-mail looks like:

Attention Consumer/Email Owner,

Your e-mail address was among the lucky winners of the Pepsi Cola Bottling Company 2013 Grant compensation and You have therefore been approved for a lump sum payout of USD $890,000.00 and Participants were selected through MTN Global Network online ballot  system drawn. 

A Cheque of USD$890,000.00 has been Issued to you and deposited with the FedEx Courier Company (West Africa,Nigeria) For Delivery to you and For your information, we have paid the Delivery fee and Security Keeping fee & Shipping charges as well as the Vat fees but we did not pay for the Insurance fees because we don't know when you will be contacting them via email for your package, so you will have to pay the sum of $141 USD to the FedEx Delivery Department for the Insurance Fee to enable the insurance company of Nigeria  Insured your winnings Package for delivery to you at your residential address.

Please Kindly reconfirm your Full Name{}, Postal address{} and telephone number{} to FedEx Courier Company Nigeria through the below email:
Phone Number: +234 7063 281 899
Note: You are advised to contact FedEx as soon as possible.
As soon as you contact Fedex and their delivery team will give you the necessary payment procedure so that you can effect the payment for the Insurance Fee. As soon as they confirm your payment of $141 USD, they will not hesitate to work straight to the insurance company and insure your winning for delivery.

Yours faithfully,
Pepsi Cola Bottling Company

How to avoid:

The first red flag in this scam is the lack of advertisement. Pepsi runs contests as a way of marketing their brand, putting contest rules and prize possibilities on bottles, cans and cases of soda. The fact that this “contest” hasn’t been advertised should lead the recipient of the email to become suspicious of its authenticity. Secondly, Pepsi-Cola contest winners are never required to pay a fee to claim their prize, except in the case of winning an auto when taxes and license fees will apply according to your state of residence.

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