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Paul Walker's Death Real Footage

How the scam works:

Just as in many other cases (the death of Steve Irwin, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc.), criminals take advantage of people's curiosity as soon as a celebrity makes the headlines with a shocking title. Although Paul Walker died a while ago and similar scams popped up right after, today you might have noticed on your Facebook's news feed that 'the real footage of Paul Walker's accident has been finally released'. This time around, no more footage shot by bystanders! It is said the Police supposedly released what was recorded on the dash camera situated in the Porsche Walker was in - and you can now see the impact!

As soon as you click on the link, you are taken to a page customized to Facebook's brand, in blue color. You see the video player and are ready to click on. When you do it a notification shows up: 'To start the video please share it and click the >>play<< button'.

Paul Walker death scam footage

If you do that, it only spreads the scam even further and your friends will come across it just like you did before opening the link. After sharing the video on Facebook, you are taken to various shady websites (not just one) that redirect you to rogue movie downloads or malicious browser extensions. Even worse, in some cases you are invited to join an exclusive program that will allow you to see all the most shocking videos of all time. The membership scam notification looks very realistic (below).

walker footage accident scam

How to avoid:

First things first: look at the first picture in this article. If you remember the images from the real accident, the Porsche was red. This car is blue. Secondly, look at the title: 'Paul Walkers Real Death' is spelled wrong (it should be 'Walker's'). Always look for grammar mistakes. Never click on Facebook videos with titles such as “[Full Video] Paul Walker Car Crash Video” or “[SHOCKING VIDEO] Watch Paul Walker Horrific Car Crash Caught On Camera!!!!!!!” This is not a professional writing style for any journalist.

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