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How the scam works:

You probably know by now that scammers send all kinds of attachments within their e-mails, which, once opened, could either infest your computer with viruses or download software that will access your files.

Recently, scammers have started to send these items using well-known newspapers or magazines online. How?

Almost every article you see online has a “Send to a friend” or "Share This" feature at the bottom, so when you get an e-mail from your local newspaper or from People Magazine, for example, you will probably be tempted to open the attachment knowing they are a reputable media outlet.

The scammers have forwarded you the article, but attached a virus or a software in the body of the message.

How to avoid:

If the attachment is just the magazine’s webpage you are fine, but if it’s a different file, which you would have to download (zip, Word, PDF) – ignore it.

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