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Music: Celebrity Band

How the scam works:

If you are an aspiring singer or a band, one day you might get invited through e-mail, Facebook or MySpace to perform a concert either out of town or as an opening act for a celebrity. You are invited to confirm if you can make it.

This is what you’ve been waiting for and you accept the invitation, thinking this is your time to shine. The organizers will mention celebrity connections (even a potential sign-up with a record company), but they want to make sure you are committed.

Because of that, they ask you for a deposit, which will, of course, be returned, just to make sure you show up and don’t damage their reputation.

Several artists fall for this scam, as they have not done the research properly before sending money. The problem lies in the event itself – it really does exist, but the scammers just impersonate the organizers. Once the money is wired, nothing happens and if you turn up, nobody knows why you are there.

In another variation of the scam, victims are congratulated for having won a meal/meeting with a celebrity or being registered in a non-existent event, such as celebrity meet-and-greet for a day. Similar to the first scam, victims are required to pay a deposit as a show up guarantee, but once they pay nobody replies to their e-mails anymore.

How to avoid:

Call the organizers, check their names and reputation, and verify online forums on the same topic.

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