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How the scam works:

You can’t wait for the grand finale of your favorite TV show, whatever that is (The Bachelor, Hell's Kitchen, Orange is the New Black, etc). A few days before the anticipated show, you get a message (e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter) notifying you that you could be one of those privileged to have an advanced screening.

You are informed that you could watch the last episode “Now” by logging into a provided website. You do that and, to access the promised show, you are required to pay a couple of bucks.

Same thing happens with the latest Hollywood movies or popular books, like Twilight or Harry Potter. The scammers get your credit card number and not only do you not receive any links or books, but you’ll be charged a few hundred dollars.

How to avoid:

Couldn't be easier. Just get the real deal, it's always worth the wait.

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