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Holiday Mail Scam

How the scam works:

This scam is running rampant during the holidays, when a lot of people are sending and receiving packages in the mail. The Holiday Mail scam consists of an email directing recipients to a website where they request you download information about a package that reportedly belongs to you.

Of course, once this link is clicked on and the download is complete you have an unexpected gift: malware on your computer. This malware will mess up your PC, copy your personal information or access private systems in search of your private information.

How to avoid:

Many times, simply verifying the web address of the sender will indicate whether an email is legitimate or not. For example, in Australia (where this scam occurs the most) the legitimate AUPOST website is actually AUSPOST. Carefully scrutinize the name and web address; Google the business to find the legitimate business and compare it to what is in the email. Being overly vigilant in this way will save you from nasty consequences of malware and help you to have a happier holiday season.

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