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Holiday E-cards

How the scam works:

During the holiday season, we send and receive messages with all kinds of wishes-- so you are not surprised when, one day, you receive an electronic card in your e-mail or your Facebook/ Twitter/ LinkedIn inboxes.

You get the notification and are invited to open the card by clicking on a link. The name of the e-card company that scammers use to get your attention could be a famous one (eg. Hallmark) but the link you are directed to click on contains a virus or key logger – software that records what keys you press and then access your personal files.

How to avoid:

Any reputable e-card company will tell you in the notification message who the person sending you the card. If the message you receive is just: “You’ve received a card” or "You have a secret admirer", delete it right away - especially if asks you to click on a links. Last but not least, look for the domain name used to send this message and also at the "Sent to" e-mail address. If it's not yours, ignore the e-mail.

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