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Google Notification Scam: How It Works

One of these days you might be receiving an email informing that you have too many messages in your Gmail account, or that you have a Google Hangouts voicemail in your inbox. The name used by the sender or the verbiage within the text could be different, but the ones used right now by fraudsters are: Emily Mills (email address: or Gmail HangoutsNotification ( The subject titles could be: "Urgent Notification" or "You have a new voice message - 09 sec‏".

However, the email address, name, or subject titles could be different every time.

When you click the 'Too Many Emails In Your Inbox' or 'Listen' buttons, you will be taken to a Russian website selling Viagra and Cialis. The text is geo-tagged according to your country, so the top corner would show a logo saying things like 'United States Health&Care Mall' (if you live in US), or 'MyCanadianPharmacy' (if you live in Canada). There is no more Google! Even worst, the domains shown are: or

Obviously, even if you need Viagra or Cialis you can't go through this random shady site. Once you give your credit card number, you can say good bye to a hefty sum.


Google Notification Scam: How To Avoid

Delete the email instantly, you don't want your identity and credit card stolen by the Russians.

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