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Fight Obesity in Schools Scam

Fight Obesity in School Scam: How It Works 

As back-to-school time is such a hectic time of year for most parents, it is wise to be more vigilant than ever of scams that rely on that distraction, as the Fight Obesity in School Scam does. 

This typical phishing scam begins with an email to parents who use particular systems to pay for school meals and other fees (such as EZSchool-Pay, which is a legitimate company). These services are very effective and easy ways otherwise to handle their children's school lunch payment account.


In this scam, the email asks these parents to make a payment of 85 cents to a site that claims to belong to EZSchool-Pay, to help fight childhood obesity. The real threat is not being out a mere 85 cents. The actual danger is in the personal banking information and personal identifying information they require in order to make the withdrawal, leading to the compromise of your bank account and your identity.

What scammers do is register a variation of domain names containing the EZSchool-Pay's name, such as EZSchool-Pay-Online or EZSchool-PayOnlineNow. Then they proceed to send mass-emails to millions of people hoping to lure them into paying and submitting personal information.

Unfortunately, tens of thousands of people fell victims for this scam, so be aware! The phishing sites that have been caught so far seem to be registered in China. 


Fight Obesity in School: How To Avoid

The real EZSchool-Pay company, located in Canada, confirmed they had nothing to do with the $.85 charge. Never let distraction impede you in paying for anything online.

Make sure that the website that you are being directed to in any email is the legitimate website and not a closely named knockoff. And finally, never submit your personal identifying information or banking information to any online entity unless you have verified their legitimacy.

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