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Federal Trade Commission Sweepstakes Letter

How the scam works:

You might be receiveing a letter that comes with a Federal Trade Commission logo and seal on it. The paper looks official and is signed by Jessica Rich, who is a real FTC director. You are informed that someone at the FTC will help you claim a cash prize you’ve won, and will help ensure delivery. This letter might arrive soon after you are informed via email that you might have won a lottery or sweepstakes with a specific company.

However, in order to receive your winnings, you will need pay off FTC a few thousand dollars as a “Legal Registration Bond”. Many naive people fall victims to this scam. Did you receive such letter?

Watch the video below to see how to file a complaint with the FTC.

How To File A Complaint With The FTC Video

How to avoid:

As some people might be skeptical about this, they might research the existance of Jessica Rich. She does exist, works at the FTC, but the whole letter is just a scam well put together by fraudsters. Don't fall for it. According to the FTC, the organization "doesn’t oversee sweepstakes and no federal government agency will contact you to ask for money so you can claim a prize. If you enter and win a legitimate sweepstakes, you do not have to pay insurance, taxes, or shipping charges to collect your prize. If you have to pay, it’s not a prize."

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