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Facebook Vampire Contact Lenses

How the scam works:

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites around, and many fans use the pages to find and share information about their favorite things.

One of the most discussed subjects nowadays is, of course, the phenomenon that is the Twilight series, most specifically Breaking Dawn. A fake Facebook page promising visitors free merchandise related to the film if they “like” or share it has already bamboozled over 40,000 teens out of their personal identification information.

The page promises a free pair of vampire contact lenses to anyone who “likes” or shares it with friends. Once the page has been “liked”, the scammers who have set up the bogus link now have access to the victim’s personal identifying information. In order to get the free contact lenses, users are required to visit a website where they fill in their name, email address, phone number, and even address! Indeed, there is no prize for that...

Sadly, there is no Edward to save the day in this scenario.

How to avoid:

The old tenet “If it seems too good to be true it probably is” holds very true here. The creators and promoters of the Twilight franchise have denied hosting any Facebook pages or giveaways involving the movie. Be aware that scammers are getting incredibly more sophisticated in creating these fake promotions, so caution is the key to protecting your identity. Report the page to Facebook. If you really are into getting free stuff online or want to participate in rewards programs, use only legitimate companies. One of the most trustworthy service out there is, which is the largest online rewards portal dedicated to helping customers earn gift cards, electronics, and exclusive merchandise. The company awarded over $30 Million in prizes including gift cards, electronics and more to users all over the worldw. It's worth checking it out, as registration is free. Plus, they have a bunch of free stuff (for real) - you can visit their website HERE.

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