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Facebook Album Picture

How the scam works:

Social media is the biggest growing component on the internet today. However, with the preponderance of social networking sites, scams are increasing. The latest one involves by far the most popular networking site, Facebook.

Victims of this scam will receive an email from “Facebook” telling them that a friend has posted their picture in an online album. The email will contain a zip. file that will supposedly take you to view the picture. What actually happens is you will release dangerous malware into your computer or mobile device.

How to avoid:

The real Facebook sends occasional notifications, but never sends a zip. file. Just open your Facebook account from the browser. If you do open the email, do not open the link; close the email and hit the delete key. Just checking the domain name the email came from is not enough as scammers are getting trickier and more sophisticated everyday. It is also wise to keep your antivirus protection updated, as these scams continue to circulate. Be cautious and always know the sender before you click on any link and you’ll be able to network with friends and family without worry.

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