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Casino Roulette Secret

How the scam works:

You receive an e-mail from somebody you don’t know. It seems that it was intended for someone else, but was accidentally sent to you.

The message reads: “Thanks a lot Paul! I started 2 hours ago, so far so good. I made $285 and stopped for today. You have no idea how much you helped me bro!!! (I have a lot of debts and need to quickly make some cash :) Cheers!”

This is a reply message to Paul, who gave him the secret, so if you scroll down the e-mail, you can see the previous conversation. The initial message from Paul explains how you can win at the casino’s roulette, by offering a bidding system on the colors red and black.

After the secret is given away, Paul suggests to his friend to use one specific online casino, “because it’s the easiest to constantly win at without being banned”. Paul offers the link, which is a shady casino (his own).

How to avoid:

As you know (we hope) e-mail replies always go back to the original sender; they can’t accidentally get into your inbox. Oh, and the casino? Use online casinos only recommended by your closest friends, who can vouch they are paying the winners. If you are a gambler, we're leaving you with a wise advise. Watch the video below to see which game gives you the best chance to win when you play at the casino:

Report On Casino Games Video

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