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Breathalyzer Test Rip-off

How the scam works:

While in car breathalyzer tests aren’t a requirement in North America at this time, many European countries are requiring them for all vehicles. And of course, wherever there is a new business venture, scammers are close behind to take advantage of consumers.

As tests have been selling out in stores in France recently, there have been dubious internet deals that are ripping off victims who are just trying to be compliant with the law.

The scammers are advertising a “subscription” service, selling eight tests a month for 30 Euros, or about $39. The tests sell in drugstores for about one euro each. The scammers are also advertising internet deals of two tests for one euro, at which time the victim is then signed up for a subscription, unbeknownst to them until their bank account is charged 25 Euros.

If you are from the United States, watch the video below regarding DUI stops and the use of portable breathalyzer tests.

The Use of Portable Breathalyzer Test Video

How to avoid:

Consumers are being urged to not purchase these tests online. They should wait until they are available in stores; the law requiring drivers to use them went into effect November 1 and many pharmacies in France have been stocking up. If you have been taken by an online breath-test scam, consumers are urged to report to their local fraud and abuse office.

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