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The recipients are informed that they have won some lottery, such as: International Postcode Lottery, Gmail Lottery, Microsoft Lottery, Coca-Cola Lottery, Spanish Lottery, Dream Lottery, Reader's Digest Lottery, or Publishers Clearing House. read more

How the scam works:
You can’t wait for the grand finale of your favorite TV show, whatever that is (The Bachelor, Hell's Kitchen, Orange is the New read more

IQ Test/Text Quiz Scam. Did you get a notification saying one of your friends sent you this IQ test? Beware of the newest scheme! read more

How the scam works:
During the holiday season, we send and receive messages with all kinds of wishes-- so you are not surprised when, one day, you re read more

How the scam works:
If you are a big fan of smart phone apps, remember that the official distributors are iTunes and Google Play. It has been reporte read more

How the scam works:
Requests for charity donations are so common nowadays that they could happen anywhere. This is a truly horrible scam.The cro read more

There is an email going around these days informing recipients about a Toyota lottery notification winning: a brand new car plus $2,000,000US. Great prize, right? Here is how the scam works - beware! read more

Here are four reasons why millennials represent some of the easiest targets to scam. Whether it's you or your children, educate yourself before taking any major decision on social media. Here is must-read: read more

Visiting a psychic should be an experience you can look forward to, and one that you find helpful, and insightful. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Here is how to know if you are seeing a fake one. read more

It only takes one compromised Facebook account for scammers to use and attract in their trap hundreds of passwords and login credentials. Be very careful about this latest scam spreading like an epidemic on social media. How does it work? read more

We live in a world that has many different drawbacks that change our lives forever. Many people fall for various con artists and scammers, the most common of which operate through the inheritance scams that made thousands lose their money. read more

How the scam works:
(with video below) You receive a message (usually by e-mail, but sometimes via regular mail or social media as well) from so read more

Trust is hard to come by on the internet, and it’s no wonder why. For every single honest retail site, there are a few more that are out to skim cash from the accounts of unsuspecting customers. Here is how to stand out: read more

The death of Kobe Bryant shocked a whole world. In just a matter of time, cybercrooks also took advantage of the tragic event by creating a new scam: a promised video claiming to be from dash cam inside the helicopter right before the crash. read more is an online dating website that has over 7 million users per month. However, scammers also joined the game, preying on people who have - or used to have - an account on How does the scam work? Read here: read more

Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas, leaving 43 people dead, and is heading to the US. However, beware of a new scam going around today. Meanwhile, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia all declared a state of emergency. read more

With thousands of scams costing consumers millions of dollars each year, more and more consumers are eyeing online businesses with an air of suspicion. So, how do you go about winning the trust of potential customers? read more

With the advent of social media and the explosion of sports betting’s popularity across the United States in the wake of recent legalization, fraudulent handicappers (known amongst sports bettors as scamdicappers) have proliferated on social media. read more

Agile methodology prioritizes teamwork, using incremental "sprints" where every team member works to achieve specific goals, bringing developers and end users into the process. The philosophy helps empower teams while optimizing products. read more

Instagram has now close to a billion users. A billion! So there is no surprise that there are tons of scams out there on the platform, but today we are going to focus on something a bit different: buying and selling fake Instagram followers. read more

Higher education can be a minefield of bluffs, double-crosses and corruption that make these reputable institutions seem like complete shysters. Here are 3 of the more recent university scams. read more

Scam Detector is proud to offer a new $1,000 scholarship for high school, college and university students living in the United States and Canada. Education is the best investment you can do, so we are happy to support you chasing your dreams. read more

The upcoming UFC events this year are scheduled to take place in Auckland, Singapore, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Glasgow, Long Island, Edmonton, New York, Anaheim and Mexico City. If you live in one of these cities and want tickets, be careful. read more

Toys R Us just announced the 182 stores that will be closing down (see list here), laying off more than 4,500 people. It was a perfect moment for scammers to jump on the bandwagon and create this evil, unscrupulous scheme. read more

Prince Harry got married on Saturday to Meghan Markle at the Windsor Castle, in UK. Unfortunately, the Royal Wedding came with a big scam online, via the Shared Article feature. read more

To mimic the official LinkedIn emails, cyber-crooks are sending emails to users trying to steal their personal information. If you have an account with LinkedIn, you need to be cautious of any emails that appear to be from the company. read more

With 55 deaths and over $30 billion in damages, Hurricane Irma has also created a scary scam. People with open hearts and wallets willing to help have fallen victims themselves to the cause. See how the scam works here. read more

The Las Vegas mass shooting made scammers come out of the woods again, spreading viruses, misinformation and click baits. Here are 7 different hoaxes and fake news that popped out hours after the tragedy. read more

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