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How to see who viewed your Facebook page? Or Instagram profile? Or Twitter's account? Be aware of a new mobile app that promises that but instead spams all your friends and connections. New twist. read more

Sex Island Experience or "Incredible sex surprises, drugs, free alcohol and yacht parties" is how a 4-day experience in Trinidad and Tobago is advertised these days. A victim of the scam has spoken. Watch the video here. read more

The Las Vegas mass shooting made scammers come out of the woods again, spreading viruses, misinformation and click baits. Here are 7 different hoaxes and fake news that popped out hours after the tragedy. read more

Is Facebook going to start charging for messages? Beware of a new Facebook billing hoax that is going around this week, called the Facebook Charging Fees scam. Read how it works here: read more

If you have an Airbnb account you probably know that every time another user sends you a message an email comes in your inbox as well, notifying you of the conversation. Well, here is the newest scam, from a fake user calling herself Sofia. read more

Kate Middleton has apparently partnered with Dr. Oz to create a skincare product called Advance Final Skin, an anti-aging wrinkle cream that keeps you young. This scam may get you good - here is how it works. read more

As Facebook Messenger has now over 1.2 billion users and you are most likely one of them, beware of this latest scam involving a video. How it works, how to avoid, and how to report - inside this article. read more

With 55 deaths and over $30 billion in damages, Hurricane Irma has also created a scary scam. People with open hearts and wallets willing to help have fallen victims themselves to the cause. See how the scam works here. read more

If you have a Gmail account be careful about the latest scam, catching victims unprepared these days. Giving away your Google credentials is dangerous especially since Google owns other websites that require the same log-ins (YouTube, Android). read more

The upcoming UFC events this year are scheduled to take place in Auckland, Singapore, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Glasgow, Long Island, Edmonton, New York, Anaheim and Mexico City. If you live in one of these cities and want tickets, be careful. read more

There is a new scam going around this week. It will most likely hit your computer while browsing the Internet so beware. It references gift cards from reputable gas stations and is based on the Target Gift Card scam approach. read more

The Facebook Violation of Terms scam comes as a message claiming to be from the Facebook Support. It informs that your posts have been in violation with the platform's Terms of Service. Here is how the scam works, with a video: read more

Are you looking for an online masters in education? Or perhaps best online colleges? Or maybe for some distance learning courses? Beware of dangerous scams happening these days, mostly coming out as fake online universities and colleges. read more

Due to iTunes' constant growing popularity, scammers are victimizing tens of thousands of people around the world. There are 3 variations of the iTunes scam: Frozen iPhone, Fake Website and iTunes Email Purchase. read more

You may be receiving a message from a Facebook friend or family member about a government grant that is widely available these days. Beware of the latest scam in the social media world! It could also come to you via Instagram. read more

People always wonder: "How do scammers hack into my account?" Whether is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, today we're going to expose some of the methods, so you can protect yourself. Read this article and watch the videos. read more

There is a new Facebook scam going around this week. Victims receive an email informing that their picture was added by a friend to a new Facebook album. When recipients open the link, this happens: read more

Are you trying to log into your Facebook account and a notification says you have entered an incorrect username and password? Beware of the latest Facebook scam - here is a criminal caught on tape. read more

How do your change your Facebook color from blue to whatever your want? How about Facebook Pink for the ladies and black for the gents? Beware of this scam that just came back this week. read more

Beware of the Food Delivery Near Me Scam when you order food online. In this article you will learn how the scam works and how to avoid it. Also, get a list with Top 12 food delivery services and apps you can trust. read more

This year, one of the biggest scams around is the Spyware For Phones or Spyware App scam. If given the opportunity, most people would love nothing more than the ability to access the instant messages of their significant other, co-workers, etc. read more

When you're looking for Mother's Day ideas or researching where to buy Mother's Day flowers, make sure you're not falling for these scams. read more

To mimic the official LinkedIn emails, cyber-crooks are sending emails to users trying to steal their personal information. If you have an account with LinkedIn, you need to be cautious of any emails that appear to be from the company. read more

Similar to the WhatsApp Voicemail Scam, this one comes to you via e-mail. You are informed that you that someone left a voicemail for you, as in the picture attached. The message might have the name of the sender as... read more

This Facebook scam is making its rounds as you're reading this. Educate yourself. read more

Beware of the Free Family Tree Scam happening these days, also known as the Find My Family Tree or Free Family Tree Search Scheme. Read the article here. read more

What if you receive an amazing offer from the Government, meant to improve your overall benefits, from health coverage and retirement, to eventual tuition or property taxes? Beware of the newest scam, known as Citizen Benefits Package Email. read more

There is an influx of websites lately claiming to teach you how to win the lottery. The secret formula of 'destroying' the lotto industry is out. Or that's what a lot of victims have been thinking in the last few weeks.How does the Jackpot scam work? read more

Did you get an email with a free $50 gift card from companies such as Amazon, Costco, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS? Or with free samples from McDonald's and Swiffer? Here is how the scam works, with a video. read more

As Donald Trump just won the presidential elections in the United States, millions of Americans are considering moving to Canada. In the night of the elections, the Immigration Canada website officially crashed due to traffic overload. read more

Watch the short video below to see Donald Trump's original shocking comments about planning to build walls between the US, Mexico and Canada. However, be aware of the Donald Trump Wall aka How The Donald Trump Wall Will Look Like scam. read more

The Acai Berry Scam is back with a new twist. It preys on people's despair to lose some weight by trying new products that are promised to be the new 'miracle cure'. It's that time of the year again, so beware. How does the scam work? Here: read more

Ready to buy prescription drugs online and looking for the best online pharmacy? Beware of fake pills and bogus doctors out there. read more

Facebook constantly changes its design leading criminals to experiment on new scams, relying on the novelty aspect. One of the latest ones is the Facebook Membership aka Pay for Facebook scam. read more

How the scam works:
You might be receiving an email informing that you have pending messages in your Facebook inbox, just like the image attached. Th read more

Owning a portable breathalyzer is always a good idea whether it's for your car or pocket. However, beware of the Breathalyzer Test Scam. Here is how it works, plus info about foods that could make you fail a test and where to buy a breathalyzer. read more

Watch out for a new scam on Facebook, promising you to tell you who deleted from their list of friends or unfollowed you. Read the article here and watch the video. read more

Do you buy gift cards on regular basis? Be careful of a new scam going around these days, the Gift Certificate Club aka Discount Gift Cards Scam. How does it work? Watch the video in this article.
read more

You are browsing the Internet and try to access a particular website when a pop-up appears saying “Adult Content Verification”. Watch out for this scam! read more

This is the most common Facebook scam out there. Even chances of winning the lottery are higher than winning this. read more

Did anyone contact you in regards to a kidney donation for money? Beware of the Looking For a Kidney Donor scam happening these days, also known as the Kidney Charity Donation scheme. read more

Beware of Post Office Storage Fee Scam! You receive an email claiming to be from your national Post office (US Postal Service, Canada Post, Australia Post, Royal Mail, etc.) informing that you need to... read more

Beware of the Facebook Fortune Program, exposed with a video in this article. This fake program is empowering people to make money from the comfort of their home. read more

Beware of the Notice to Appear in Court scam, going around these days. You might have received an e-mail that seems to be from an attorney or the court desk in your city. read more

Most people can’t live without text messaging these days. However, scammers have found a way to use Messenger texting on Facebook to con people into leaving their computer vulnerable to malware or viruses, via a Skype approach. read more

Whether you're looking for Halloween costume ideas for women, men, couples, or kids, be aware of the fake shops this week. Halloween decorations are also a good bait used by scammers. Watch video here. read more

Luggage Left in the Airport - beware of this new scam going around this week. Here is how it works: You receive an email claiming to be from Heathrow Airport in London or some other large international airport. read more

The Bridal Show scam, aka Wedding Expo or Wedding Planner scam, is a double-edged sword scam, affecting both businesses in the wedding industry, as well as newlyweds. Watch the video here. read more

Beware of the Netflix Club Subscription Scam. There is an email going around these days claiming to be from Netflix, but is sent by scammers offer subscribers a new outstanding deal, inform them about an update, or ask for a payment. read more

Beware of the Cutest Baby Contest Scam, exposed here with a video. If you are a parent, chances are you think your child is the cutest out there. Nothing to be blamed about, we all do it. Unfortunately, scammers know it as well. read more

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