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Tyupkin ATM Malware

How the scam works:

(with video) Tyupkin is a virus that allows criminals to withdraw money—up to 40 banknotes—from an ATM. The malware is very difficult to access. It is installed on-location, via a bootable CD. When the scammer enters the correct password, a screen pops up telling them how much money is on each cassette. They then choose whichever cassette they want and the money comes out of the ATM.

Cyber-criminals have grown in prevalence and skill throughout the years, and so it is only natural for them to have graduated to stealing directly from banks, especially since ATMs have considerably few security measures.

Watch the video below to see in action the Tyupkin scam caught on camera.

Tyupkin Scam Operation On Camera Video

How to avoid:

If your company operates an ATM machine, make sure is located in a brightly lit area that can be seen easily from inside the bank or security cameras. Consider not over stuffing your ATMs with money. Instead, fill them with just enough money for the day. Install an ATM security alarm and make sure it works. Regularly check your ATMs for any third-party programs. If you find out that your ATMs have been infected by Tyupkin, or any other malware, call in a specialist to take care of it before any more money can be stolen.

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