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Sudoku: Unlimited Games

How the scam works:

Sudoku is the fun puzzle game involving completing grids of numbers which, when completed, each line has only the numbers one through nine with no repeats. This game has earned legions of fans and many play online every day. With the popularity of this game, it is no surprise that scammers have found a way to use the lure of free puzzles to carry out their malicious activity.

In the Sudoku scam making its round all over the Internet nowadays, the victim receives an email promising unlimited free puzzles. Once the player has clicked a link in the email, a prompt advises you to open the attached Excel spreadsheet and enable macros. Macros are mini programs embedded in Excel that tell your computer which sequences of keystrokes to carry out.

Of course, once you click this prompt, you have downloaded malware on your PC capable of stealing your personal identifying information.

How to avoid:

An important point to remember is to never follow a prompt to enable macros unless you know the source and trust it. An email that you receive out of the blue does not meet this requirement; therefore you should never follow the directions. In order to truly protect yourself, you should always delete any unsolicited emails such as this one without even opening it.

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