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PayPal Order Scam: How It Works

PayPal is one of the most useful platforms out there, with 286 million active users and revenue in 2018 of $15.45 billion. Unfortunately, scammers find easy targets amongst the account holders, especially since not everyone is tech-savvy and many people are still gullible when it comes to accessing their online information. The latest scam using the name of the company is the PayPal Order Email. How does it work?

Watch the video below to see the PayPal Order Scam exposed:



The scam works like this. You receive an email claiming to be from the PayPal headquarters (see pic below). The subject title is: "Order was successful", while the content of the message states that you have sent a $225.00US payment to Playwith Interactives, Inc, a random company.

Scammers rely on the fact that victims fight back knowing it was a mistake, since they didn't purchase anything. The scam message provides the victims a few links to the "PayPal login page", in order to cancel/dispute the fake purchase. The buttons may say "Resolve now", "View details of the transaction online", or "Resolution Center".

paypal your order was successful email

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What happens if the recipient clicks on these buttons? The links open a replica of the real PayPal website (see below), which will ask the victim to log in by providing both the email address and the password. Once that happens, the accounts are compromised.

Here is an example of a fraudulent email: "Hello, You have sent a payment of  $225.00US payment to Playwith Interactives, Inc. Please note this transaction will take a few moments to appear in your account overview. View the details of this transaction online. If it was not you who did this transaction you can dispute the transaction by clicking Resolve Now".


PayPal Order Email Scam: How To Avoid

You can easily detect the red flags here. If you look at the image above, check out the domain name that appears up in the browser. You notice that the email address that claims to send this message ( doesn't actually come from, but from "". Scam.

Then, they only say "Hello" in the welcoming phrase, which is always a dead giveaway. Delete the message. Always log into your account straight from PayPal's website, by typing in your browser first.


PayPal Order Email Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of the PayPal Order Email scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or even PayPal using the link below:

Report To PayPal Here

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

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