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How the scam works:

MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. It is a great site where you can find all kinds of games where players interact worldwide on the Internet. In other words, it’s a virtual world. The games are amazing and addictive and people spend nights and days building their “world”, by constructing, acquiring, or conquering different needed items.

If you are a player, the scam goes this way: you are trying to log into your account and get an error message (such as “login failure”) that seems to be from the administrators. You will be asked to fill out a pop-up box for confirmation.

This form is a scam asking you for your password and, implicitly, access to your account. If you do, next time when you log in, you might find all your swords, dragons, or all the other items gone.

How to avoid:

Never fill out a pop up form; contact the real administrators.

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