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10 Marketing KPIs You Should Never Forget to Measure

Strategic decisions are very critical in every business. Moreover, key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential tools when it comes to such conclusions. They are related to telling a story in numbers only that an individual has to analyze the story on the run and whatever implication it could tag along. PIs are numerical metrics that a company can use to measure if the company is making progress or not.

KPIs are very helpful as they help business people to set particular goals on their business and how to go about the same execution of the same. In the process, one may have a chance to counteract or agree with the direction of their businesses. Continue reading to view the critical marketing PIs that you should always measure.


1. Customer Value

If you're using inbound marketing, the best strategy to measure the customer's value is reaching out to all your customers. This will not only maintain them but also keep them happy. Always develop some lead campaigns to ensure that they are continually updated about your business. Let your salesperson know that your lifetime customers get messages on new sales.


2. Sales Revenue

Calculating the amount of income brought in by inbound marketing is the first step in discovering if your business has been generating returns. The worst mistake could be having a company that brings in no profits.


3. Landing Page Conversion Rates

The primary purpose of having a landing page is to convert. Irrespective of how beautiful it looks, if it doesn't convert, then it is not worth the course. The moment you realise that your page attracts lots of traffic but fails to convert them; it should give you an earlier red flag that something ought to change quickly. For you to have a higher conversion rate, try something like writing compelling content, or changing the color of CTA.


4. Organic Traffic

Any company using inbound marketing always looks forward to having lots of traffic coming from their organic traffic. The higher the number of organic traffic, the more effective your business is. Once people start finding you on their own, it will be less costly for your business as you don't have to invent ways to attract people.

Organic traffic comes down to your SEO strategy. To maintain this number from visiting your website, you have to use other SEO such as keywords. To find out how effective your keywords are, you can use a keyword ranking tracker at Serpbook.


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5. Social Media Traffic

Social media is an essential inbound marketing as it helps you to distribute your content to other people as you engage them too. To measure your growth, check for likes on different accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. These social media are built with tracking and analysis tools thus making it easier to measure the conversion and engagement rates of your accounts.


6. Email Marketing Performance

The best way to get to your customer directly is through email and social media. This means that you should critically analyze and judge every email marketing campaign. In email marketing, you can measure metrics such as CTR, open rate, shares, and delivery rates.


7. Blog Post Visits

There is no point in writing blogs that end up disappointing people. To find out if your blogs are working correctly, check on what your people love reading. By this, you can trim your content to their interests in the subsequent blogs. Consider tracking on the traffic getting to your blogs or your ranking on search engines. There are available tools for this in the market thus making it easier for everyone.


8. Cost Per Lead

In business, you should always calculate the value of acquiring your customer either through inbound or outbound marketing. To calculate inbound marketing, consider measuring manpower and technology of your software. As for the outbound marketing, consider marketing distribution and advertising.


9. Quoted to Closed Customer Ratio

This generally connects with the sales of your team's closing ratio. If your sales team quotes a certain number of prospects, do they become customers? If yes, has that ratio increased from last year's? If you can answer such questions, you will have a rough idea concerning your progress.


10. Website Traffic

These are the people who visit your website to view your content. They become leads who may eventually become your potential customers. A business person should do anything to get such traffic. Consider finding out who your visitors are, what they were looking for, and how long they stayed there. In website traffic, you can calculate things like page views, bounce rate, and session duration.



As a business person, you should always consider marketing KPIs to have a successful marketing campaign. Always support a marketing campaign that adds value to your company. The only way to know the best marketing KPIs is by tracking.

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