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How to Determine Which Subscribers Are Actively Engaging With Your Content


Tips on How To Get Subscribers on YouTube

Most people who create a YouTube channel and work hard at producing great content are motivated by the fact that other people will, at some point, watch and enjoy their work. So while there is always a focus on numbers, whether that's counting views on a video or monitoring the number of subscribers you have, the primary reason for even having a YouTube account is to engage and then either educate, inform or entertain an audience.


Actual vs. Target Audience

One of the key factors to building a successful channel is knowing your audience – both who you are trying to attract, and who is already on board. It's really useful to have more specific details of which of your subscribers are actually engaging with your content, and here's why:

1. People liking videos and comments is always good, of course, but knowing which subscribers respond in certain ways to particular content can be a great way to identify what appeals to who, and what doesn't.

2. You can see if you are reaching your target demographic – which is especially important for brands.

If you want an effective way to built up your following with targeted people then buying subscribers can be a great way to do this, according to this Social Media Daily article.

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How To Get The Stats You Need

There are several companies who can analyze your channel's data and provide a detailed report on what your subscribers are up to, but you don't need to pay someone as the information you need is available on YouTube.


How To Find The Information

Go to the analytics tab on your YouTube channel and explore, as you can view viewer data by age, gender, location, and activity in relation to how much of a video they actually watched, and at what point they bailed out (if they did). In graph form flat lines represent the entire video being viewed, bumps tell you that content was shared at that point, while red arrows and dips tell you someone skipped past that section.


Look at Interaction Reports

These are great to use on videos in a group, as you can see which got a like or dislike, which have the most shares and which got the most comments, and then look further into the demographics of those acting this way. Don't forget to look loosely at the content of comments made, and again, who is making them.


Recap – The Basics of a YouTube Audit

This is the secret weapon for those who really want to get to grips with exactly who their subscribers are and what they are watching (or not) on their channel. Audits help you be a little more objective over your content than you may usually be, and everything you learn can be used to gain a tactical advantage over your competition, so exploit it!


Final Words

It takes a little time after launching a YouTube channel to gather the information you need as there has to be some data to collect, so focus for the first while on producing plenty of great content and building your subscriber numbers.

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