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How To Avoid Scam Courses For An Ecom Dropshipping Amazon Affiliate Marketing Business


6 Ways To Determine If An eCommerce Droppshipping Course Is Reliable

Operating an eCommerce dropshipping Amazon affiliate marketing business can be a fulfilling and profitable venture. However, you may need to invest a substantial amount of money and knowledge to get started.

If you run this kind of business for the first time, you have to equip yourself with the right information by taking some online courses. Unfortunately, some online courses don't seem to be a reliable means of knowledge. They require payment of a large amount of money but don't offer amazing results.

If you want to get the right courses and start your Ecom dropshipping Amazon affiliate marketing business properly, here are a few tips to avoid scam courses:


Red Flags To Look Out Before Taking Online Business Courses

In today's world, many courses about running an E-commerce dropshipping business are available on the market. However, not all of them are reliable as they should be. Some companies offer online business courses just to fraud people and get more money.

To make sure you'll not become a victim of scam courses, below are the red flags you need to watch out from the get-go:


1. Vague Contact Information

Focus on how the company or website shows its contact information. If possible, beware of the sketchy phone numbers. For instance, if the site says they can be found in Los Angeles, but the contact numbers are international, be on the lookout. To know if it's accurate or not, search the phone numbers and check if there are negative comments.


2. Everything Revolves Around The Money

If the online business course is more preoccupied with how and when they can be paid, rather than focusing on how they can provide a satisfactory experience, the course you're dealing may be a scam. It's best if you check their payment options. A good provider of an eCommerce online course values the knowledge you can get and will find a way to help you with the payment.


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3. Grammar and Spelling Errors

If you notice some grammar and spelling errors on the website, make sure to avoid it as it can be a scam. Remember, a reliable site for business courses usually have a professional tone, and the information is grammatically correct.


4. Issues About The Syllabus

Most marketing business courses come with a syllabus. To know if the course is a scam or not, review the curriculum.  Look for any gaps and other issues that don't correspond to the purpose of the course. Moreover, check if the syllabus does make sense with the price you're asked to pay.


5. Author's Little Experience In The Subject of the Course

Someone who's offering an online business course should be knowledgeable about the subject matter. They should be able to prove their claims using facts and figures. So, make sure the author of the course you're considering is well-experienced.


6. Limited Availability of the Course

Another tell-tale sign that a business course may be a scam is when the author emphasizes that the course is only available for a limited time. A right eCommerce business course is something you can avail at any time.


Ways To Avoid Scam Courses

Typically, a scam is an attempt to offer little or no value in exchange for a considerable amount of money. The world of business courses is no exception when it comes to scams. As you're about to purchase a course, make every effort to avoid scam ecom courses and get the most out of the information you're getting.

Below are some ways of avoiding scam courses:


1. Get To Know The Author of the Course

When it comes to online searches, the first thing you should do is to have a background check of the author of the course you're considering. Gather all the information about them. Check whether they're knowledgeable in the subject matter of the course. Review their educational, business, and personal background, including their connections in the eCommerce industry.


2. Review Their Website's Security

When you sign up for a business course, you have to give out your personal information. However, if you think your information isn't secure, you may be a scam target. You'll know this if the site lacks the "https" in the search bar. See to it that the website has a lock sign to ensure your personal information is secure.

Also, if you need to sign up or log in to a specific site, be sure your passwords are stronger to protect your info from a data breach. These are some of the cybersecurity features you have to keep in mind to avoid getting scammed.


3. Look For A Money-back Guarantee Feature

If the course provides a money-back guarantee feature, then it can be a legit one. It means the author is sure about their product; they can deliver what they promise about the course. Ideally, most online courses have a money-back guarantee, and they're more secure than the ones that don't. Also, they're cost-efficient.


4. Read Reviews

You can avoid scam courses if you read honest and legitimate reviews of courses from trusted review websites. By reading some reviews, you'll know whether the course is worth your time, money, and effort. They'll tell you what the website and the course are all about, including the availability of the course and the accuracy of the contact information, site content, and the course outline.


5. Be Wary About Free Trial Offers

Some online business courses offer free trials. However, other courses provide free trial offers to attract you to sign up for their products and charge you every month until you cancel.

Before you take a free trial, find time to research the website, and check your monthly statements. You may have been billed for charges you don't even recognize.


6. Check How The Customer Service Works

A trusted eCommerce dropshipping Amazon affiliate marketing business course has accessible customer service. When it comes to choosing and taking courses, you need to have someone to talk to about your concerns and questions. If the website doesn't seem to have a customer-friendly customer service, then it can be a red flag that you may have to avoid.

So, make sure the course you're dealing with has excellent customer service that can address your queries in the fastest time possible. Their accessibility can show how serious and dedicated they are to provide the best course for your business.



Indeed, online courses can be a perfect way to update your learnings and skills. But, like other things, scams are also present in the world of courses.

Keep these things in mind to make sure you'll not get scammed when buying an Ecom dropshipping Amazon affiliate marketing business courses.


eCommerce Dropshipping Course Scam: How To Report

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