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Google Glass Fake Offers

How the scam works:

Google Glass is a perfect example of the next wave in computer technology. Currently in the beta testing phase, Wikipedia describes Google Glass as “a wearable computer with head-mounted display. It displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format that can interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands.”

Available only for purchase to select companies and beta testers for $1500, Google Glass is the center of a new scam that was, surprisingly, discovered by its developers at Google. The scam involves a very professional looking website, offering advance purchase of Google Glass hardware for a special price of $500, payable through PayPal. Of course, there are no units available for purchase through a public website, and certainly not for $500.

How to avoid:

If you are a technology buff and you are excited about getting a peek at this new and exciting form of Internet usage, finding this website can seem like a Godsend. However, it is wise to be aware that Google never offers its new products for the public to beta test; it chooses its testers very carefully and privately extends advance purchase opportunities to them through email or direct mail queries. Never send money through PayPal for advanced copies of anything unless you have verified the site through the company itself.

Photo: Google

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