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GameOver Zeus Malware

How the scam works:

(with video) GameOver Zeus is bank-credential stealing malware that works in tandem with Cryptolocker to extort money from victims around the world. This modified Trojan bug is transferred through email, through official-looking emails that trick you into clicking links that will infect your computer.

GOZeus goes through all of your documents and files and steals any information that might make the scammer money (bank account info, etc). If GOZeus finds nothing of value, that’s when Cryptolocker comes in. This bug will encrypt your files and hold them ransom for one bit coin, which is worth about 470 USD (though this amount is subject to change).

If you are a PC user, you must be extra vigilant. This scam is designed with the Windows operating system in mind. Infected computers will sometimes show these symptoms: slow loading, erratic cursor movement, and text-based chat windows appearing on your screen unexpectedly.

Watch the video below to see five things you need to know now about the GameOver Zeus virus.

What You Need To Know About The GameOver Zeus Video

How to avoid:

Make sure your operating system and antivirus software are always up to date. There are great products out there. Also, don’t click on links in emails that you weren’t expecting. Never open attachments received from questionable sources.

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