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Add Bank Account To Your Profile

How the scam works:

You are trying to purchase an item on eBay and are getting ready to pay through PayPal. The seller contacts you and tells you he's having a problem with his PayPal account. To fix the problem and get the transaction done in time, he suggests hs gives you his bank account number and asks you to add it to your profile. This way, you can use the Withdrawal feature to take money out of your account and drop it right into his bank account.

You do as you’re told and wait for the item. The only issue is, the item never comes. Instead of Fed Ex knocking at your door, you get the Police. They inform you that you are now facing criminal charges for adding a stolen account to your profile.

How to avoid:

Just don't use this feature for a transaction. There's no way for eBay to track your payment and there's too much that can go wrong.

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