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While the Matrix scheme may sound like something involving alternate realities and Keanu Reeves in slow motion, what is involved is a scam as old as the hills. This month it's making a huge comeback! Here it is, exposed with a video. read more

How the scam works:
Thousands of items are bought and sold each day on classified advertisement websites. The bulk of these transactions are legitima read more

How the scam works:
vWorker (formerly known as Rent a Coder) is a great online job site where contractors can post their profiles and resumes and cli read more

How the scam works:
While Craigslist contains many legitimate ads, there are always scammers using the site to make a quick buck (or a thousand) by read more

How the scam works:
If you are buying software or programs from sellers other than the official distributors, chances are you will get either: a viru read more

Online casinos are now accessible from laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making it easy to keep playing at any time, from any location in the world. However, there are also tons of scams that come along. Here is how to figure out the fakes: read more

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Scam Detector recently partnered with Travel by Dart, an inspirational web-series where two friends blindfoldedly throw a dart at the world map and travel wherever it lands, with the purpose of helping the land or the people. Click HERE or on the image below to watch the trailer of the series!