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This is a must-read. With the rapid expansion of cyberspace come associated risks. We are constantly hearing about scammers, frauds, malware, internet bullies, and so many other threats, leading us to perceive the internet as a dangerous territory. read more

How the scam works:
In a recent press release, ESET announced that its researchers "have discovered more than 30 fake applications available for down read more

As a business owner, it’s worthwhile doing your research on Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic by increasing its visibility to users of a web search engine (think Google and read more

If you have your own website and own a domain name, you may become a victim of a new scam related to this topic, the Domain Name Competition Scam aka Fake Domain Registrar. How does the scam work? read more

Are you an online casino player? If you are, you may be approached by someone promising you money just for playing casino games 20 minutes per day. Here is how the scam works, along with four others. read more

There is a brand new and scary scam going around this week on social media. It preys on people who complain on social media, especially on Twitter. If you are one of them, you better pay attention to this article. read more

Did you just receive a notification on your computer screen that says: "Your IP address was selected to participate in an anonymous survey about your experiences with your Internet service provider"? read more

Beware of the Google First Page Listing Scam, exposed here with a video. Did you receive an automated phone call saying something along the line: "This is Sherry, your Google specialist"? read more

Looking for used tablets for sale? Watch out for the latest scam, exposed with a video here. Whether they are Craigslist tablets for sale or laptops on Gumtree or Kijiji, be extremely careful. read more

Buying tickets for the Rugby World Cup 2019 competition hosted by Japan seems to be a nightmare, not only by trying to avoid the scammers but also using the official system where you should purchase the tix. read more

Beware of the URL Shortener Scam! How does it work? Spammers are abusing URL shortener services to fool people into believing they are sending these types of messages from government servers. read more

How the scam works:
While Craigslist contains many legitimate ads, there are always scammers using the site to make a quick buck (or a thousand) by read more

How the scams work:
(with video below) Prior to its launch, the new iPhone 5 had two notorious scams that made headlines: the "Test and Kee read more

How the scam works:
If you do eBay transactions and one day receive an e-mail containing an offer similar to the one below, delete it right away (the read more

If you own a website, you are invited to pay attention to the Domain Name Renewal Name scam going around these days. There are two versions of it. Watch the video in this article. read more

There have been a lot of discussions lately about the personal information that's being collected online, identity theft risks and all the necessary info that companies really need when launching a campaign. Here is a good read. read more

What would happen to your business if your network was hacked? If you have data, which the majority of companies today do, you are at risk for a security breach. Check out this must-read article. read more

Here are five signs of online casino bonus offers that look like great deals but are actually scams. read more

If you're trying to sell an item on Craigslist today, it's just a matter of minutes until someone approaches you with a question and an offer. Here is the scam, exposed: read more

Amazon has over 300 million active users, meaning all these people log in constantly to purchase goods on the platform. Are you one of them? Beware of the Amazon Login Attempt Scam! read more

Online Poker Scams. Be aware of these 5 variations of fraud when playing on the Internet: The Cash Out, Deposit, Affiliate, Employee, and Anonymous. read more

How the scam works:
WeChat (or Weixin) is an iOS and Android app that has gained popularity around the world, with 438 million users worldwide. read more

Scammers take advantage of that and create traps called cross-site scripting and target your eBay account. Read this article and educate yourself. read more

There are new scams about iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 deals making rounds this month. The most prevalent has a new twist. Watch the video in this article. read more

How the scam works:
You might receive an email that seem to be coming from iTunes. The name and email address used are: 2014 iTunes Store and support read more

How the scam works:
There are many app developers out there and this scam relates directly to their livelihood, so if you aren’t an app developer b read more

The Child Pornography Notice Scam has two variations: as a text message on your cell phone and as an e-mail. Let's take a look at both and see how to prevent ourselves. read more

Police auctions scam alert! Officers confiscate regularly various goods, which are items that were stolen or bought with illegally-made money. Often, the local Police departments organize auctions where these goods are sold, but beware! read more

Is your client on Craigslist, Kijiji or Oodle an Oceanographer or Marine Engineer overseas? Beware of this scam. read more

A MoneyPak card is reloadable and could be used to add money to prepaid cards or PayPal accounts. It is also known as the "14-digit green dot card for inmates". The MoneyPak number is the most important thing, so guard it. read more

How the scam works:
The scam comes from experienced players targeting new ones, due to the greed of continuously improving their game. If you ar read more

How the scam works:
MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. It is a great site where you can find all kinds of games where read more

How the scam works:
This is a very common scam on websites like eBay or Craigslist. Scammers will post a hot item for sale, but set a higher starting read more

How the scam works:
(with video below) You've been watching an eBay item for weeks now and just placed your bid shortly before the auction is over. L read more

Beware of the Exclusive Items Scams happening on online auction websites, especially if you you've become a junkie for Craigslist, Kijiji, Gumtree or eBay. read more

Beware of the Google Ban aka Google Restrictions Scam, going around this week. It has two variations: the Google Settings Change and the Disabled Account. You are informed that your account is suspended due to abuse and illegal activity. See how: read more

Phishing scams are one of the most common tactics to breach personal computer security. Practice proper cybersecurity by learning how to avoid phishing. Here is how: read more

Beware of a new email scam that is going around this week. Your inbox shows you a list of undeliverable emails that you've apparently received. Here is how the scam looks like, so you can avoid it. read more

Modern technology has made our lives more meaningful and sophisticated, but also more dangerous. Here are 20 easy tips on how to avoid Internet scams. read more

The real Cold War 2.0 seems to involve China, key U.S. allies such as Australia, and a technology giant known as Huawei. Here is an update on the spying situation. read more

If you are the owner of a website hosted by GoDaddy, watch out for the latest scam: the GoDaddy Account Verification Email. Let's take a look. read more

Beware of the Beyonce Concert Tickets For Sale scam. If you are from London, Houston, Dublin, Manchester, Philadelphia, Frankfurt, Nashville, Atlanta, or Los Angeles, and waiting for her upcoming concert, you better pay attention to this article. read more

If you are from Miami, Nashville, Edmonton, Calgary, Pittsburgh, Orlando, or Minneapolis and hoping for Justin Bieber tickets for sale, you better pay attention to this article, so you don't waste your money and energy for nothing. read more

If you are an Apple user you might receive a message on your iPhone informing you that your iCloud ID has been deactivated. Read how the scam works here. read more

If you are an Apple user you might receive a phishing messages on your cell phone meant to trick you into handing over your Apple ID password and other pieces of personal information. read more

How the scam works:
(with video) GameOver Zeus is bank-credential stealing malware that works in tandem with Cryptolocker to extort money from victim read more

How the scam works:
Thousands of items are bought and sold each day on classified advertisement websites. The bulk of these transactions are legitima read more

How the scam works:
vWorker (formerly known as Rent a Coder) is a great online job site where contractors can post their profiles and resumes and cli read more

Beware of the coupon sale scams. Crooks make a habit of selling fake coupons or vouchers on Facebook, Craigslist, Instagram or Twitter. The coupon fraud comes in many ways - watch the video in this article. read more

Do you have a website, a blog, app, or a small business that needs exposure online? You've heard about the SEO tactics and secrets to push your product to the top of the search engines, but do you know the scams that come along? Read here. read more

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