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There is a new way you can accidentally install malware on your computer today. It is called Rubber Ducky Attack and is more serious than it sounds. Watch the video in this article to see the compromised USB stick: read more

FRAUD ALERT. Scam of the day: SIM Swapping. What would you do if your mobile phone suddenly shows "No Service"? Here is how the SIM Splitting Scam works and the story of a man who lost a million dollars. read more

Playing casino games is fun until you get scammed by a fraudulent casino. If you have an account online, here are six tips to help you avoid scams in this industry. read more

How the scam works:
Fake sport collector cards are probably the most popular fakes on the Internet. Sold for thousands of dollars or even more, they read more

Are you a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player? You might become a victim of a big scam perpetrated nowadays by crooks claiming to be other players on the CS servers, looking for teammates. Watch the video in this article. read more

Beware of the latest online scam using the Amazon brand, offering you a shopping credit of $75 cash, which could be used towards your next purchase. Watch the video in this article to see how the scam works. read more

You just won an online eBay auction on for a sweet item, whether a bike, a laptop, or even a car. The piece isn't cheap, so you're being incredibly cautious about checking out the owner. To prove he's serious and reliable, the seller suggests a... read more

Similar to the Bank Account Upgrade scam, this comes as an e-mail requesting you to update your Western Union account. Watch the video in this article to see the scam exposed. read more

Since its launch, the Pokemon Go app game has been making a lot of waves, from a witnessed murder to a fake upgrade and a string of armed robberies. Read here. read more

How the scam works:
(with video below) Did you just receive an email recommending you to upgrade your browser to Windows 10? Sender's email address m read more

How the scam works:
You are a tech junkie - you just upgraded to a new MacBook Air and are looking to ditch your old laptop online. It's only a read more

Scammers are targeting Gmail now more than ever, sending you emails from all kinds of accounts. One of the most common attacks is phishing. read more

While the Internet of Things (IoT) offers many benefits, it also comes with a few caveats, one of which is the threat of data breaches. The Internet of Things: Definition and examples of dangerous side effects. Here is a must-read article. read more

Equifax Data Breach Fraud: Use identity theft protection this week while a new scam known as the Equifax Fraud Alert Number is making its rounds. 145 million people were affected so you may be one of them. How it works and how to block robocalls here read more

How the scam works:
You bought a smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, or Android) and are excited about it. You were offered a warranty (just in case it&n read more

There is a new scam going around these days, targeting people using the Google Calendar feature on their smartphone. The scheme is a fake invite that makes victims believe is real so they can provide personal information and other sensitive data. read more

Beware of two new scams created around the loopholes in the PayPal and Amazon policies. These shipment scams are pulled using changed addresses and removed feedback. Watch video here. read more

How the scam works:
Piggybacking on the success and the audiences of well-known mobile applications, cyber-criminals create fake apps or websites tha read more

How the scam works:
The smartphone became such a hot commodity nowadays that almost everybody owns one. Needless to say, this opens a lot of opportun read more

How the scam works:
You love buying on eBay and Craigslist and pride yourself as being the deal-finder out of your circle of friends. One day, you&nb read more

Ноw thе sсаm wоrks:
(with video below) Let's say you just read a Samsung Galaxy S5 review and wanted to take a closer look at it, since it's se read more

How the scam works:
You own a piece of electronics, a car, or some sort of machine – and one day you need to check its manual, which you don’t ha read more

A new class-action lawsuit against Apple claims that the MacBook keyboards manufactured in the last 2 years are faulty. What's interesting? You could file a complaint and might be able to get some remuneration even if your keyboard works! read more

uShip is a great company that helps people all over the world with their shipping needs. However, if you are just about to ship your item, be very careful. Online fraudsters often use repetitive tactics like these ones: read more

If you're trying to sell your laptop these days, watch out for the Sell My Laptop For Cash or Cheap Laptops For Sale scam. With video below. read more

How the scam works:
Google Glass is a perfect example of the next wave in computer technology. Currently in the beta testing phase, Wikipedia describ read more

Identity theft is perhaps the biggest threat online today. You might’ve thought it was big company data breaches, but what do you think the cybercriminals are stealing from those data breaches? It's consumer information. read more

How the scam works:
If you are selling items on Ebay or Craigslist on a regular basis, you might get approached by another seller with a request read more

How the scam works:
(with videos below) Imagine this: while you're browsing the Internet on your computer, tablet or mobile, the screen freezes and a read more

Did you just get an email informing you that your Apple ID was used to sign into iCloud via a web browser? Watch out for the latest scam using Apple's name! read more

Are you thinking of putting your used Playstation 3 for sale? Beware of the latest scam and watch the video in this article! read more

Did you ever open a new window on the Internet only to see it's not your default homepage anymore, but a weird looking search engine? It's called Browser Hijacking, exposed here. Here's how to remove it. read more

How the scam works:
There are scammers online who sell products (electronics, games, etc) making you feel like you are getting a great deal. The desc read more

Occasionally, we check out new mobile apps that are released in the Google Play Store and iOS marketplace, especially if they have anything to do with safety and financial aspects. Today we take a look at a new app that caught our eye, FamiSafe. read more

Are you considering diving into ethical hacking or simply looking at how to become a hacker? Watch out for this scam happening these days, as everyone wants to find out many of the Internet's darkest secrets. read more

How the scam works:
The scam is from experienced players targeting new ones, due to the greed of continuously improving their game. If you are a new read more

How the scam works:
Sudoku is the fun puzzle game involving completing grids of numbers which, when completed, each line has only the numbers one thr read more

How the scam works:
You want to get rid of a big personal item, such as a couch, fridge, oven, boat, car or bike. You post it for sale online, on Gum read more

How the scam works:
There are specific online auction websites out there that don’t use cash payments for their transactions. You are required firs read more

How the scam works: 
Just about everyone is a gamer these days. Most people love to do nothing more than unwind after a long day of work by kill read more

Here are 3 Fiverr scams you should avoid today. Fiverr is a great platform for freelancers to offer their services starting at $5, however, just like on many other freelancer platforms, it also has its own bad apples. Lots of them. read more

WordPress is the most popular website and blogging platform in the world. Unfortunately, that means that it is also a massive target for scammers using the fake plugins. Here is how to avoid the WP plugin scams. read more

According to a new class action lawsuit, you may receive up to $25,000 if you had a Yahoo account. The Yahoo Data Breach Settlement is due to the security breaches occurred from 2013-2016. Read below to see if you qualify and how to file a claim. read more

How the scam works:
This is the most commonly used scam when it comes to computers that need to be fixed at a shop (not via online). Most people are read more

If you wonder "Why is my computer so slow?" and even a notification saying that shows up on your screen, you may be close to become a victim of the Computer Running Slow aka How To Fix A Slow Computer scam. Watch video here. read more

Public networks are not very secure so Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) were introduced to fix the problem. However, not all VPN companies are what they say they are. Some claim to be 100% secure yet still log and track user data behind your back. read more

There are ways for you to guard your data if a security breach happens. Here are six security tips will keep you safe from inadvertently providing personal details to small-scale hackers in your day-to-day life. read more

How did the most common malware evolved and became the number one threat to your device's well-being? Here is how to build a fortress to secure your device from ancient monsters. read more

Beware of the Black Friday deals happening this year if you're looking for the best offers and promotions. Whether you need laptops, phones, tablets or gift cards, Black Friday could be a double-edged sword. read more

Watch the video in this article to see full explanation of the Spying Flashlight scam. read more

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