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7 Tips To Spot Bad Developers When Outsourcing Your Project

In this tech-driven world, there is hardly a business that can survive and sustain in the competitive marketplace without developing exclusive software solutions or digital products for streamlining complex processes and enhancing customer experience.

The majority of entrepreneurs find it quite challenging to gather an in-house development team for performing the task because it requires heavy investment and a lot of time. Considering the options available at hand, it's a smart decision to hire outsourced developers. But it's not easy as choosing the wrong partner can be a matter of regret for your business in the long-run.

Here, the real question comes into the picture that how to avoid getting burnt when outsourcing your software development project to a potential developer? Are you also one of the lots facing this problem? No worries. Either in case you are working with a potential developer or still in the process to find a reliable option, it's sensible to avoid the ones who tag along with the following seven practices.


1. Inability To Stick To The Set Timeline & Estimated Budget

One of your primary motives when outsourcing an IT project is to take advantage of a cost-efficient platform with a promise to deliver on time. But this down not go well with a few greedy development companies. They might promise you everything before signing a service agreement.

But later on, your desk will be over-flooded with a plethora of reasons claiming delays in the deliverables and demanding extra bucks from your end. Remember this is a sign that your developer has a sole motive to earn money.

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Take this as a warning and make sure to clear all your cost-related doubts in advance. Also, discuss the entire project and let them determine a sensible timeline which is appropriate in accordance with your specific requirements too.

In addition, you can use efficient project tracking tools in order to keep an eye of the team's activities and progress. Make a habit to get weekly progress reports prepared and review them so that it will be easy for you to tackle the possible delays without incurring heavy losses.


2. Not Following A Precise Strategy For Seamless Communication

Your software development project can be successful at only the cost of clear and direct communication between you and your development partner. It's mandatory for you to ensure that the developer is willing to maintain a flow of communication with you in the form of meetings, video calls, phone calls, emails, etc.

The development team should be in constant touch with you during your working hours in order to keep you updated about the progress of the project or issues. If your partner isn't responding to your emails or calls then it's the right time to rethink and start afresh. Also, it's much better to confirm these communication standards before making a final call to work with a potential programmer.


3. Dramatizing Experience & Making Big Promises

There are several developers in the market who don't have any comprehensive expertise but they've managed to earn a relevant certification. Remember its trap and be cautious before falling for the same. Stay away from programmers who make big promises in the beginning because they might be just beating around the bush to get you to sign the agreement.

For instance, they might assure you that the project will be monitored and mentored by an industry-skilled IT expert. But later you can find out that they are working with a small team of amateur programmers. Therefore, it's essential to be careful from the start and make sure that they have the real potential to fulfil the lucrative offers they are providing you with.


4. Absence Of A Comprehensive Track Record

Before making a final call to outsource your software project to a particular developer make sure to research the market extensively and interact with past clients. Check their website and get in touch with the companies with which they've worked earlier.

If you find that there's no track record of the previous achievement on similar kind of projects then it's a sign indicating that your potential development partner is either incompetent or lack professionals with niche expertise.


5. Making Excuses Is The Only Thing They're Good At

Always stay away from working with the programmers who make excuses for everything ranging from low productivity to missed deadlines. Rather they should be capable to own up their tasks and move ahead with a positive spirit to not commit the same mistakes in the future.

Search for developers who work with a client-first approach and put efforts in getting familiar with your specific business requirements. This can be the only way to ensure that the project will be executed in a stable manner.


6. Prioritizing Quantity Over Quality

If you want your software development project to be accomplished successfully you must give first priority to the quality of the end product. This goal should be mutual between you and your developer. But in reality, this is not the case. The majority of programmers give priority to quantity and not quality.

It's your job to make sure that the development partner has experienced software testers and quality assurance professionals who can minimize the risk of any glitch or break down in the end product.

Also, ask them what type of support and maintenance services do they provide their clients with post-project completion? This will allow you to overcome any hurdle than you might experience with the new product post its production.


7. Getting Agreed With Any & Everything

It might be surprising but developers who always say yes to all your decisions isn't a good sign because it shows that they have a limited mindset and are not creative enough to challenge something and fixing it in the best way they can. Also, it means that they don't consider them experienced and hesitate to raise their own opinion.

Developers who come up with interesting suggestions and unique perspectives can add value to your product and make it a perfect fit to suit you and your target audience specific requirements.

The ultimate motive of a reliable IT partner will be providing its clients with what they need and in the way they want. Avoid working with developers following above-mentioned practices so that to prevent you from falling in a false trap and regretting your decision later.

Author Bio:

Anubhuti Shrivastava is a content crafter at Arkenea and Benchpoint. She is passionate about writing articles on topics related to design and the software development industry.


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