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In the United States, a Sheriff’s sale is the last step in a foreclosure process. It is an auction held to liquidate a property on which a mortgage borrower has defaulted. Read the article here to see how scammers came up with a new trick. read more

You are browsing through free real estate listing websites looking for a new home when a certain property catches your eye. As soon as you click on it to find out more information, a pop-up window opens and asks you to register. read more

This scam occurs when the realtor you talked to on the phone sets up a showing, only to call you on the way to the property to give you some news. Read the article to see how the scam works. read more

What if your property tax has been reassessed and is now lower, which can happen? Beware of the Property Tax Assessment scam, exposed with a video below. read more

Robbing a house effectively takes an expert touch, the kind that would be impressive were this not such a venal profession. As such, security experts have to be incredibly astute if they want to provide products that’ll work against such characters. read more

On the hunt for the right properties to invest in? Don't try taking on the Miami real estate industry alone. Make your venture into real estate investing worth the effort by hiring the best realtor in Miami. Read on for seven tips to help you choose. read more

Selling your house can seem complicated and that’s where a real estate agent could come in. The commission paid to agents has been rising - however, with the right steps, you can sell your house yourself and save on costs. read more

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