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E-Mail Money Transfer

How the scam works:

One of the most useful features that debit cards have is the electronic transfer, where customers can send money via e-mail to their family members or friends.

Unfortunately, a scam making its rounds nowadays made already a lot of victims. It comes as an e-mail in your inbox, being sent by a criminal. The recipient of the email is informed that a certain Meyer Doug Lewis just sent $2,000. The content of the email, the sender's name (debit company or bank's name), and even the subject title are exactly the same as this would be when done a legitimate money transfer. With links, disclaimers, footer, etc.'s not. Who is Meyer Doug Lewis? Nobody, just a scammer who used a name to make you ask yourself the same question.

The fraudsters kept the same text from a real money transfer notification email, but only requires you to click on a file (rar.) that infects your computer and gets access to your personal information.

How to avoid:

Although the email looks almost identical to a legitimate notification when you receive money, look for the email address it's used by the sender. In this case, it is Far away from the official domains that any bank has. Also, when you receive money, you don't have to download or open any rar.file. Just delete the email and carry on with your happy day.

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