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Business Register Scam

Business Register Scam: How It Works

Do you own a business and need exposure? Be careful about a new scam that came around this month. You might be receiving an email one of these days, with the following content:


In order to have your company inserted in our Register for 2017/2018 print, complete and submit the attached form (PDF) to the following address:

PO BOX 3079

Fax: 0031 205 248107

You can also attach the completed form in a reply to this email. Updating is free of charge!"

The PDF attached is the image above. It contains a bunch of industries, as well as spaces for name, address, telephone, and email. As you noticed, "updating is free of charge" but of course your business has never been placed into this Register before! That's when you are asked to pay a fee in order to have your company placed into this bogus list.


Business Register Scam: How To Avoid

Notice how they refer to you as Sir/Madam. They know nothing about your business. This email has been sent to millions of people around the world via bulk. Whatever it sticks, thay'll take it. Ignore and delete the email.

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