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Attorneys Demand Monthly Reporting To Avoid Being Scammed By Law Firm SEO Agencies


As the number of law firms is increasing every year, this, in turn, increases the competition. With the internet being the number one go-to source for advertising, law firms have jumped onto the SEO train and understand how important it is to be at the top of the search results. And just like the law firms are increasing, so are the number of SEO agencies out there offering their services.

This is excellent in terms of quickly finding a service that will cater to your company's needs, but the downside is that there is always the risk of being scammed by any of these agencies. So what are the sure-shot ways for attorney's to guarantee that the SEO agency that they choose to work with is legit?

There are a couple of factors that need to be taken into consideration, and most law firms have found that the best way to stay up to date by conducting monthly reports to ensure that they are on top of their SEO department. 


Link-Building Assessment

It's essential that attorney's ask for monthly analysis reports on how their SEO agency conducts their link building. A scamming agency will usually not be aware of the laws and rules that go along with link building and make a mess of how they go about this particular procedure. Law firms need to be careful that the SEO for law firms they sign up with does not go overboard with the link-building. There are rules and limits as to how many links can be present while integrating SEO's for the law firm's site, and keeping a monthly record of these details is extremely important. Many scammer agencies will not be able to provide link building in the right way, and if things go wrong, your page may be banned entirely from the searches. 


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Customer Reviews and Research

Attorneys demand monthly reports to stay updated on whether their SEO agency is the most reliable and can cater to their unique and specific needs as the company grows and expands, and offers several services to its customers. The best way to ensure that your practice is not dealing with a scammer is to consistently get monthly customer reviews from other firms that may have used this agency in particular.

Research and updates are crucial because it's essential to know the statistics of which agencies help firms grow at a more prosperous and steady rate rather than those who promise quick results and end up crashing after a short time at the top of a page. 



Marketing plays a huge role when it comes to implementing SEO. To avoid being scammed by law firm SEO agencies, it's essential to have a professional perform a digital assets audit that will be able to clarify for you what it is your SEO agency should be achieving in terms of performance- both on a monthly and yearly basis.

Questionable agencies will dish out promises predicting rankings that are inaccurate as search engine results change daily. If the law firm does its research from its end and pairs it along with the monthly reports coming in from their SEO company, they'll be able to compare notes, and it will be relatively easy to tell whether you're being scammed out of your money or not.


The Cost

Having the SEO provider gives the attorneys detailed feedback tracking every single expense that they make every month makes it very hard for the company in question to scam the firm out of any extra cash. It's crucial that you understand what it is that needs to be done by the SEO agency's end every month to keep you visible to potential customers, and how much each process costs. It's also never a bad idea to check out what other SEO agencies are charging for similar services to know if someone is overpricing.


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Stay Smart, Stay Alert

It's effortless to get caught up in many things, especially when you're trying to run a successful law firm. One of the most critical aspects to having successful publicity is making sure that you work with reliable SEO agencies, and the only way to stay on top of this is to perform monthly reports on both ends.

Be sure to complete your reports on your end, as well as from the SEO agency that you choose to work with so that all ground is covered. This way, you are guaranteed to avoid scams that are so prevalent in the industry.

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