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Washington Monument Tickets

How the scam works:

Traveling is a wonderful and educational way to spend time. In fact, many people rate it as one of their favorite ways to spend their leisure time.

Scammers are well aware of peoples’ propensity to see the sites, especially in such famous places as our Nation’s capitol, and will do anything to bilk travelers out of their hard-earned money.

The Washington Monument scam – though it happens at other public monuments as well – involves scam artists pre-printing tickets and selling them to tourists who don’t realize that, while you do have to have a ticket to get in the monument, they are free.

They also assure you that they will get you priority “front-of-the-line” service, when there is no such thing.

How to avoid:

Before traveling anywhere, do your homework on the spots you plan to visit. Find out which ones are free and which require admission. Finally, never purchase tickets from someone loitering around the attraction; purchase at the ticket window or online to be assured that your hard-earned money will help you enjoy your trip, not line the pockets of a would-be scammer.

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