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Street Market Cheese

How the scam works:

If you are a big fan of shopping in street markets you might come across a great offer for “magic cheese”.

The vendors will advertise the cheese as the special ingredient that is used by big cosmetic companies in the making of high-end shampoos and other secret recipes. It is not expensive, so you think it is a good investment, but what you are actually doing is just wasting money on a regular cheap product.

Alternatively, scammers cut you a slice of cheese for sampling and as soon as you taste it they require you buy the wheel they just cut the slice from.

How to avoid:

First, cheese is for eating, shampoo is for washing hair. Just use every item for its own purpose. Secondly, before tasting ask if the sampling of a piece costs anything or if you have to buy the wheel. Last but not least, resist any scene they might cause when you refuse to pay.

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