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Snow Removal Services Rip-Offs

How the scam works:

(with videos below) Whether you're looking for residential snow removal services or commercial ones, be aware of the Snow Plow scam happening this month, aka the Roof Snow Removal Service scheme or the Snow Plowing Services trick. Let's take a look at a few versions of the scam, starting with the residential sector.

Watch the video below to see in action the Snow Plowing Services Scam exposed:

Snow Plowing Removal Scam Video

Variation 1: The Deposit. It is winter, it is cold, and you don't want to go outside twice a day to clear the snow from your driveway and sidewalk. Then, one day you open your mailbox and find a flyer with a fantastic offer: $200 for snow removal service done twice daily, until March 31! Sounds good, doesn't it?

Happy about finding this great deal you call the number on the flyer. A representative of the company comes to your door within the hour. They have you sign a contract, which requires you to pay half now and half towards the end of the winter. You give them $100, but you will never see them again. The contract had fake names on it.

Variation 2: The Charity. In a different version of the residential snow removal scam, crooks offer to shovel your driveway for $100, claiming the money you pay will go towards a charity located in your city. They may even show you a fake paper from 'the charity' empowering them to go around town on their behalf.

Variation 3: Commercial Roof. Watch the video below to see in action the Roof Snow Removal Services Scam exposed:

Roof Snow Removal Services Scam Video

Questionable quality contractors may pass by your house offering to remove the snow from your roof for 'a good price', on the spot. Saying yes to that could be a very costly decision, not necessarily because of the price you pay the worker, but rather the damage that could be done to your roof (amateurs start from the bottom up sticking shovels under shingles destroying them).

What could be even worse is that some roofing companies don't even have workers compensation. If the contractors slip and fall off your house, on your property, this may become a legal battle. 

nyc snow removal

How to avoid the Snow Removal Services scam:

Always chose the best commercial or residential snow removal companies by checking their reviews online. There are plenty of resources out there. If contractors come to your house, ask for identification and license. Meanwhile, never agree to all the terms over the phone. Some companies charge by the inch of snow. Whether you live in NYC, Chicago, Calgary, or Fairfax, the basic common sense diligence should always be the same.

Alternatively, give up going to the gym and get plenty of healthy exercise shoveling your snow. 


How to report the Remove Facebook Timeline scam:

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

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How to protect yourself more:

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