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Robbed Tourist Asking for Help

How the scam works:

You are in a mall or in an Internet café and a guy in a hurry, looking like a tourist (maybe carrying a back pack) approaches you frantically. “Sorry to interrupt. I’ve just been robbed and I need your help. Somebody stole my satchel (or purse) and all my documents were in there – passport, ID, cash… From the bottom of my heart, can you please give me $20 for a cab to my hotel, so I can contact my embassy as soon as possible? Please?”

Several people fall for this as the scammer might be very convincing: their speech (having a slight accent as well), gesture, and clothes.

How to avoid:

Instead of giving cash, offer to drive them to the hotel or embassy, or even let them call using your cell phone. If they refuse, just ignore them.

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