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Property Lines Inspection

How the scam works:

There is a new scam making its rounds nowadays involving property lines and boundaries. The targets of this fraudulent activity are people who live in houses and are typically home alone.

The crooks approach homeowners to inspect their property lines. Claiming to be a government or a county representative, the criminal asks the property owner to step outside to walk their property.

Using official verbiage during his visit, the scammer proceeds to use his cellphone to apparently call 'his boss' or 'secretary'. During the conversation, the scammer mentions to the other person that him and the host are in the backyard, for some specific reason. "Jane, I need you to check something for me. We are here in the backyard by the fence and I am wondering if you can tell me what is the new legal height that a fence should be at effective October 1st", might say the criminal making sure he informs his partner in crime about the location he is at.

Knowing how much time he has to operate, the other criminal breaks into the house and steals the owner's goods.

How to avoid:

Always ask for identification everytime somebody claims to be an official representative of any organization. Inspect the document very well, as there might be a fake ID as well. If you are not convinced, tell the scammer you will have to reschedule the inspection, as you were just about to leave the house. After that, make sure you call the real organization and ask for details about any potential change in legislation. Be bold. Report the scammer right away if no door to door visits were legitimately scheduled.

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